Driving Forward: BMW Commits to EV Goals, Ford Addresses Hybrid Glitches, and Aptera Shifts Funding Strategy

Driving Forward: BMW Commits to EV Goals, Ford Addresses Hybrid Glitches, and Aptera Shifts Funding Strategy

BMW Maintains EV Objectives, Ford Initiates Hybrid Recall, Aptera Shifts from Crowdfunding: Highlights in Automotive News Today

Aptera has ceased its crowdfunding efforts. Ford is issuing recalls for its Maverick Hybrid and Escape Hybrid vehicles due to a software glitch. Meanwhile, BMW steadfastly pursues its electric vehicle goals even as other car manufacturers show hesitation. Catch all these stories and more at Green Car Reports.

BMW remains committed to its previously stated goal of achieving 50% sales from fully electric vehicles by 2030, excluding hybrids and plug-in hybrids. However, BMW’s CEO Oliver Zipse has not specified a final phase-out date for internal combustion engines, highlighting the company’s intention to maintain flexibility well into the 2030s.

Ford has issued a recall for certain Maverick and Escape hybrid models, along with some Lincoln Corsair plug-in hybrids, due to a problem that might trigger limp mode in these vehicles. The issue can be resolved with a software update, but it necessitates a visit to the dealer.

Aptera, a California-based company, declared on Wednesday evening that it will conclude its crowdfunding efforts for its three-wheeled electric vehicle in June. Despite this, the company acknowledged that additional capital is necessary to advance its Launch Edition solar-powered electric vehicle into production. However, Aptera aims to mass produce and release the vehicle by 2025.

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Throughout its crowdfunding journey, Aptera has successfully secured over $100 million in funding from over 17,000 backers.

The CEO of the automaker has indicated that the company will continue to adapt its engine technologies, including internal combustion engines, well into the 2030s, with no fixed timeline for their discontinuation.

The problem concerns the software for hybrid systems and necessitates a return to the dealership for resolution.

Electric vehicle sales have increased, yet their market share has declined. The Kia EV6 debuts with a new look and extended driving range. Meanwhile, BYD introduces a new plug-in hybrid pickup called the Shark in markets south of the U.S. border. Catch all these stories and more at Green Car Reports. On the same day, the Biden administration raised tariffs on Chinese EVs in a move to…

Minor increases in Tesla’s performance failed to compensate for the shortage of budget-friendly electric vehicles and a declining high-end market.

The EV6 could potentially increase its driving distance to around 330 miles or more with the new 84-kWh long-range battery pack.

Shortly following the announcement of increased tariffs by the Biden administration on Tuesday, BYD unveiled a truck that could compete with the likes of the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger.

The Biden administration has raised tariffs on a range of Chinese products, extending beyond just electric vehicles and batteries. Kia updates its three-row hybrid SUV. Meanwhile, Subaru turns to Toyota for additional electric vehicle expertise. All this and more can be found here at Green Car Reports. In our initial review of Mercedes‘ electric G-Wagen, we…

Broad increases in tariffs targeting Chinese electric vehicles, batteries, steel, and additional products will significantly alter the entire automotive industry.

Subaru has announced plans to launch four electric vehicles by 2028, and up to three of these could be developed in partnership with Toyota or might be sourced from them.

In 2025, the Sorento Hybrid will undergo a design refresh similar to the updates that the non-hybrid Sorento models experienced in 2024, featuring a notably larger grille.

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