Stellantis Spearheads Global Dialogue on Sustainable Mobility with Second Freedom of Mobility Forum

Stellantis Spearheads Global Dialogue on Sustainable Mobility with Second Freedom of Mobility Forum

Amsterdam-Based Forum on Freedom of Mobility Unveils Highlights from Its Second Live Discussion

AMSTERDAM – Hosted by Stellantis and moderated by Wavestone as an impartial intermediary, the Freedom of Mobility Forum has released the main insights from its second live online discussion, focusing on the challenge of meeting the transportation demands of the world’s eight billion inhabitants.

A recap of the main points can be found on the Freedom of Mobility Forum’s website, where viewers can also watch the debate again. Interested parties can utilize these insights to foster discussions within their specific fields. Additionally, the site provides ongoing information and materials related to the subject matter, bridging the gap between the Forum’s yearly events.

During the debate that took place on April 3, which lasted for two hours, a wide range of views concerning potential restrictions that might redefine the concept of freedom of movement were shared, reflecting the viewpoints of various sectors including society, technology and AI, the environment, the economy, and the business world. A panel comprised of five international experts engaged in discussions with students from three prominent universities – Brandeis University in the USA, HEC Paris in France, and the National School of Applied Sciences Kénitra in Morocco – aiding in the progression of a worldwide conversation on the topic of mobility.

YouGov, an international internet-based market research firm, unveiled the exclusive findings of a recent study that evaluated the desire for altering transportation behaviors among participants from five distinct nations.

Introducing the Freedom of Mobility Forum

The Freedom of Mobility Forum, launched by Stellantis and organized with the assistance of an independent mediator, serves as a global platform that brings together dedicated individuals keen on engaging in evidence-based dialogues. These discussions aim to question prevailing norms, broaden viewpoints, and uncover the most effective ways to ensure that mobility remains safe, economically accessible, and environmentally sustainable in a world grappling with the effects of climate change.

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