Shifting Gears: Lucid Gravity Prototype Impresses, Tesla Sales Dip, and Toyota’s Hydrogen Push in California

Shifting Gears: Lucid Gravity Prototype Impresses, Tesla Sales Dip, and Toyota’s Hydrogen Push in California

Today’s Automotive Updates: Lucid Gravity Preview, Toyota’s Hydrogen Initiatives, and EV Trends in California

Tesla’s static sales numbers are impacting the expansion of electric vehicles in California. Toyota is establishing a hub for hydrogen-related developments. Additionally, our test drive of the Lucid Gravity reveals that it builds upon the foundations of the Lucid Air, enhancing it significantly. For these stories and more, stay tuned to Green Car Reports.

A quick test drive of the Lucid Gravity prototype revealed that this soon-to-be-released electric vehicle will provide a distinct design and a driving experience unlike any other three-row electric SUV.

Is there a decline in electric vehicle purchases in California? This week’s quarterly analysis highlighted the intricate dynamics of today’s EV industry. Although faltering Tesla transactions initially dragged down overall EV figures, robust sales from other manufacturers like Hyundai helped balance the scale. Consequently, while there is an uptick in EV sales in California compared to the last quarter, their proportion of the total market has diminished.

Toyota is set to enhance its focus on hydrogen fuel-cell technology in the U.S. by establishing a California-based Hydrogen Headquarters. The new H2HQ aims to demonstrate a versatile microgrid system and spearhead the use of fuel cells in various applications including trucks, stationary power, and beyond.

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A brief test drive indicates that the Lucid Gravity will stand apart from other three-row electric SUVs.

Tesla experienced a notable decline in its sales figures, contributing to only modest increases in quarterly sales and a minor reduction in its share of the electric vehicle market. Meanwhile, other automakers saw improvements in their plug-in vehicle sales.

The hydrogen fuel-cell facility in California will encompass everything from research and development to sales, and its impact will extend beyond just Toyota’s range of vehicles.

The electric Mercedes G-wagen has been transformed into a die-cast model, now with an eco-friendly angle. Meanwhile, used electric vehicles are hitting the market at reduced prices compared to the previous year. Plus, the least expensive Lexus model has seen improvements in fuel efficiency. Stay updated with these stories and more at Green Car Reports. The 2025 Lexus UX 300h is now exclusively hybrid, focusing particularly on the favored all-wheel-drive version…

The UX’s design remains largely unchanged from its 2024 iteration and earlier versions, but it is exclusively available as a hybrid model now.

According to the retailer CarMax, the average prices of the most popular used electric vehicle models are currently thousands of dollars lower than they were a year ago.

While the actual G 580 equipped with EQ Technology may not fully meet environmental standards, its miniature Matchbox version is fully committed to sustainability, utilizing recycled metal and eco-friendly plastic.

Hyundai backs out of its commitment to an exclusively electric vehicle facility. Polestar explores alternative battery technologies at charging stations. U.S. government scientists identify methods to enhance the reliability of fast charging. Additionally, an electric vehicle with a heritage linked to Saab could potentially be manufactured in Italy. Catch all these stories and more, right here at Green Car Reports. Hyundai recently confirmed…

The practical use of StoreDot’s „silicon dominant“ battery technology in actual electric vehicles could be some time away, yet its charging speed in a standard-sized EV lives up to expectations.

The manufacturing facility in Georgia, originally promoted as exclusively dedicated to producing fully electric vehicles, will now also build vehicles that include fuel tanks and exhaust systems.

Additionally, illustrations of various car models have been presented, such as the sports car named the Rise and a premium sedan known as the Capital ES.

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