Rivian Ramps Up R2 SUV Production, Kia Sets EV3 Launch Date, and the Impacts of EVs on Gasoline Demand: A Comprehensive Update

Rivian Ramps Up R2 SUV Production, Kia Sets EV3 Launch Date, and the Impacts of EVs on Gasoline Demand: A Comprehensive Update

Rivian Gears Up for R2 Manufacturing, Kia Sets EV3 Launch, Eli Zero Update: Latest in Auto News

Kia has greenlit the production of the EV3. Rivian is upgrading its Illinois facility to start making the R2 model. Electric vehicles are significantly impacting fuel consumption. Plus, what’s the smallest acceptable size for an electric vehicle? All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Rivian is adjusting the output capabilities of its facility in Normal, Illinois, aiming to produce as many as 155,000 units of its less expensive R2 SUVs each year. This figure surpasses the total number of electric vehicles the company has distributed since it began delivering its R1 series to consumers roughly two and a half years ago.

Kia has announced that its small EV3 electric SUV will go into production and is set to launch next year. The company has not yet disclosed if this model will be available in the U.S., but more information may be revealed following its debut on May 23. In a series of tightly framed teaser images, Kia has demonstrated that the production version of the EV3 retains much of the striking design characteristics and the distinctive Star Map lighting motif seen in the concept.

A recent Reuters article cited Wood Mackenzie, a consultancy firm, stating that the increase in electric vehicle (EV) sales in the U.S. and China is projected to noticeably reduce gasoline consumption in 2024. This expected decline is attributed more to the aggregate impact of all currently operational EVs rather than a rapid increase in new EV sales.

If a maximum speed of 25 mph suits your needs, the compact $11,990 Eli Zero EV could be perfect for city deliveries. The small two-seater hatchback, destined for the U.S. market, can travel up to 90 miles on a single charge, making range anxiety less likely due to its limited speed.

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Rivian’s initial and sole manufacturing facility is set to be reconfigured to support a maximum annual output of 215,000 vehicles as the company concentrates on improving its cash flow.

Despite expectations of only slight increases in electric vehicle (EV) sales this year, the growing total of EVs in operation is believed to be sufficient to influence gasoline consumption, though this does not necessarily imply a decrease in gas prices in the future.

The compact neighborhood electric vehicle is set to launch in the U.S. later this year, featuring a speed cap of 25 mph and an enhanced battery pack.

It is possible but yet to be officially announced that this small electric vehicle will be available in the U.S., potentially competing with the Volvo EX30 and Mini Countryman.

BMW is establishing an electric vehicle battery facility in Mexico. Ram is looking to expand its capabilities in hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Additionally, rural administrations appear to prioritize EV charging infrastructure lower on their list. Stay updated with these stories and more at Green Car Reports. BMW has commenced construction of a battery factory in Mexico aimed at boosting…

A split between city and country? About one-third of urban officials in Michigan deem planning for electric vehicle charging stations as „very important,“ in contrast to only 10% of their counterparts in townships.

Stellantis is set to commence production of a hydrogen fuel-cell variant of the Ram 5500 heavy-duty truck in Mexico, targeting the North American market.

An increase of 20% in battery energy density along with a 30% improvement in charging efficiency and driving range might position these soon-to-be-released budget-friendly BMW electric vehicles as leaders over Tesla.

Electrify America is actively expanding its operations. Electric vehicles are being recognized as a key to improving air quality. Tesla has discontinued its standard Model Y, replacing it with a model that can travel 320 miles and costs just $2,000 extra. Also, will Tesla’s connector simplify the charging process? Stay tuned for more updates from Green Car Reports. Tesla has also announced the cancellation of its…

A seasoned executive in the charging industry recently emphasized that the primary problems with CCS fast-charging mainly stem from interoperability issues, such as cross-network payment systems, and that altering the type of plug does not resolve these issues.

This past year saw the highest increases in lethal air pollution from transportation ever noted in the 25-year history of the American Lung Association’s annual report.

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