Revving Up Innovation: Tesla Slashes Prices, Land Rover Goes Electric, and Disney’s Autopia Aims for an All-Electric Future

Revving Up Innovation: Tesla Slashes Prices, Land Rover Goes Electric, and Disney’s Autopia Aims for an All-Electric Future

Tesla slashes prices on most models, promoting its Full Self Driving feature. Disney is electrifying a beloved car-themed attraction. Airless tires are emerging as a promising technology. Are in-wheel motors a better option for converting vehicles to electric? Discover these stories and more at Green Car Reports.

Tesla has reduced the price of the Model Y by $5,000 compared to the Model 3 for buyers who qualify for the EV tax credit, following a series of price reductions announced on Saturday. This adjustment could bring the starting price of the base Model Y with rear-wheel drive down to $37,130, before additional state discounts are applied. Additionally, Tesla has lowered the cost of its Full Self Driving feature to $8,000, while discontinuing the widely favored Enhanced Autopilot package, previously priced at $6,000.

Michelin is convinced that airless tires represent the way forward. Although this technology, which may be particularly advantageous for robotaxis, electric vehicles, and other applications, is still in the developmental and prototype phases, the company is also dedicating efforts to other technologies such as eco-friendly materials and tire retreading.

A company based in the U.K., which has acquired Protean and its in-wheel motor technology, recently displayed an electric version of the Land Rover Defender that maintains its original weight. Despite having a limited electric range, this conversion serves as a demonstration of the technology’s potential and possibly signifies broader applications.

Disneyland has officially announced that its Autopia attraction will switch to electric vehicles by 2026. Originally sponsored by an oil company, this children’s ride has operated with gas-powered mini-cars for many years, despite its theme of futuristic transportation.

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Despite the user interface maintaining a similar appearance to the 2024 model and earlier versions, it is exclusively available as a hybrid model now.

According to CarMax, the average prices for the most sought-after used electric vehicle models have dropped by several thousand dollars compared to last year.

While the actual G 580 equipped with EQ Technology may not fully meet environmental standards, its miniature Matchbox version is completely made using recycled metal and eco-friendly plastic.

Hyundai backtracks on its commitment to an all-electric vehicle facility. Polestar explores alternative battery technologies at charging stations. Federal scientists identify methods to enhance the reliability of fast-charging. Additionally, an electric vehicle with Saab origins could potentially be manufactured in Italy. Catch all these stories and more at Green Car Reports. Last week, Hyundai officially confirmed…

Actual deployment of StoreDot’s „silicon dominant“ battery technology in electric vehicles may be some years away, yet its charging speed in a standard-sized electric vehicle is reportedly as advertised.

The Georgia-based Metaplant, previously announced as a facility dedicated to producing only electric vehicles, will now also manufacture vehicles equipped with fuel tanks and exhaust systems.

The company has also released illustrations of different models such as the Rise, a sports car, and the Capital ES, a luxury sedan.

Enhancing the durability of control systems for public electric vehicle chargers could improve the overall dependability of charging stations in several typical scenarios.

Which car manufacturer has set the price of its hardware kit enabling its electric vehicles to power a home? Which electric vehicle brand boasts the lowest ownership costs among all car brands? We’re reviewing the past week’s highlights in the Week In Reverse—presented by Green Car Reports—for the week concluding on April 26, 2024. The Tesla Model Y…

Ford’s electric vehicles are currently not profitable, yet there’s optimism with the upcoming new lineup. Mazda has introduced an attractive electric sedan, though it’s currently only available in China. Toyota is gearing up to produce another three-row electric SUV in the U.S. Meanwhile, Honda is establishing a new EV center in Canada. Stay tuned for more updates right here at Green Car Reports…

The proposed electric vehicle (EV) center in Ontario is set to enhance Honda’s existing EV hub in Ohio, possibly ensuring that most of the brand’s future EVs are manufactured in America.

Ford has slashed $5,000 from the cost of the Mustang Mach-E crossover. However, this reduction isn’t sufficient to counterbalance the decline in revenue caused by price reductions and competitive pressures.

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