Lucid Air’s Rapid Charge Revolution and Mercedes-Benz’s EV Strategy Shift: Analyzing Today’s Electric Vehicle Dynamics

Lucid Air’s Rapid Charge Revolution and Mercedes-Benz’s EV Strategy Shift: Analyzing Today’s Electric Vehicle Dynamics

Lucid Air enhances charging capabilities, Mercedes explores range extension, financial woes for EV producers: Car News Update

Lucid has integrated a heat pump to reduce the charging duration for its top-tier Air electric sedan. Mercedes-Benz appears skeptical about the benefits of plug-in range-extender vehicles, unlike Ram. Additionally, why are EVs still causing major losses for established car manufacturers? Discover more on these topics at Green Car Reports.

The latest model of the Lucid Air Grand Touring, the 2024 edition, has begun its deliveries, and it continues to impress with an EPA range of 516 miles, the highest among electric vehicles. Enhanced features such as a new heat pump, better automatic preconditioning, and DC charging capabilities that are up to 30% faster, are expected to significantly reduce charging times during long journeys.

Mercedes-Benz has allegedly canceled its development of extended-range electric vehicle powertrains, primarily due to high costs and perceptions of them being merely a stopgap solution. The planned plug-in hybrid series would have featured significantly smaller engines, such as a turbocharged two-cylinder for the EQS, and reduced the size of the EV battery pack by half.

If electric vehicles (EVs) priced at $50,000 are still incurring a loss of $6,000 each, as per the latest studies, one might wonder when they will start to generate profit. The path to profitability could be aided by numerous financial subsidies, improvements in range and efficiency, and ultimately, it might hinge significantly on scaling up production volumes

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The electric version of the Mercedes G-wagen is now available as a die-cast model, with an emphasis on environmental consciousness. Meanwhile, second-hand electric vehicles are trading for less than they did a year ago. Additionally, the most wallet-friendly Lexus now boasts improved fuel economy. Stay tuned for more updates here at Green Car Reports. The 2025 Lexus UX 300h has transitioned to being exclusively hybrid, with the all-wheel-drive (AWD) variant of this model experiencing a significant increase in fuel efficiency. The UX 300h AWD now achieves 43 mpg combined and has a starting price of about $40,000. According to CarMax’s yearly report, the most sought-after used electric vehicles are seeing price reductions of as much as $5,000 compared to previous figures. This list repeatedly features the Tesla Model 3…

The UX’s design largely remains unchanged from its 2024 iteration and earlier versions, but it is now exclusively available as a hybrid model.

According to the retailer CarMax, the average prices of the most popular used electric vehicle (EV) models have decreased by thousands compared to last year.

While the actual G 580 equipped with EQ Technology may not fully meet environmental standards, its miniature Matchbox version commits thoroughly, utilizing recycled metal and eco-friendly plastic.

Hyundai backtracks on its commitment to a dedicated EV factory. Polestar experiments with a new type of battery technology during charging. U.S. federal researchers identify methods to enhance the reliability of fast charging. Additionally, an EV with Saab heritage could potentially be manufactured in Italy. Find out more on these developments at Green Car Reports. Last week, Hyundai confirmed…

Actual deployment of StoreDot’s „silicon dominant“ battery technology in electric vehicles could be a few years away, yet its charging speed in a standard-sized EV lives up to expectations.

The Metaplant in Georgia, initially promoted as a facility dedicated to producing only electric vehicles, will now also manufacture vehicles equipped with fuel tanks and exhaust systems.

The company has also unveiled concept designs for different models, such as a sports car named the Rise and a high-end sedan referred to as the Capital ES.

Enhancing the robustness of control systems for public electric vehicle chargers could significantly improve the overall reliability of charging stations in various typical scenarios.

Which car manufacturer has set prices for its equipment that enables its electric vehicles to power a home? Which electric vehicle brand boasts the lowest cost of ownership among all car brands? We’re recapping the Week In Reverse—here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on April 26, 2024. The Tesla Model Y…

Ford’s electric vehicles are currently not profitable, yet the company is optimistic about its upcoming line of EVs. Mazda has introduced an attractive electric sedan, though it’s currently only available in China. Toyota is preparing to launch another electric SUV with three rows of seating in the U.S. Meanwhile, Honda is setting up a new electric vehicle production center in Canada. Stay tuned for more updates from Green Car Reports…

The proposed electric vehicle hub in Ontario is set to enhance Honda’s original EV center in Ohio, ensuring that most of the brand’s future electric vehicles will be manufactured in America.

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