Hybrid Highlights and EV Essentials: Camry and Ioniq Thrive, Prius and Cybertruck Stumble, Rivian Grades Chargers – Your Automotive Week in Review

Hybrid Highlights and EV Essentials: Camry and Ioniq Thrive, Prius and Cybertruck Stumble, Rivian Grades Chargers – Your Automotive Week in Review

Reviews for the Camry Hybrid and Ioniq 5 N; Recalls for Prius and Cybertruck; Introduction of the Highlander EV: A Recap of the Week

Which electric vehicle manufacturer is assessing the effectiveness of fast-charging stations with its models?

Which car manufacturer is said to have halted the development of internal combustion engine range extenders for electric vehicles?

Here’s our recap of the past week’s developments, presented by Green Car Reports, as we review the events up to April 19, 2024.

During our initial test drive of the 2025 Toyota Camry hybrid, it became clear that the hybrid mechanism is seamlessly integrated, mirroring the car’s overall transition to an exclusively hybrid lineup. The option for all-wheel drive, along with its impressive fuel efficiency of up to 51 miles per gallon combined, and a roomy, plush cabin, positions this model as one of the most attractive Camry sedans to date.

2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Model

During their initial test drive of the 2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, Green Car Reports identified what could be a revolutionary development in motorsports—a fully electric vehicle that not only enhances the thrill and pleasure of high-performance driving but also maintains its composure during track sessions.

Rivian is now evaluating the dependability of EV fast-charging stations and integrating these assessments, graded from A to F, into its navigation systems. This move could encourage charging networks to focus on improving their reliability. For the time being, this might benefit Tesla Supercharging stations, which are typically known for their higher reliability.

Rivian unveils updated charging options for journey mapping in Software Release 2024.11.01

The upcoming three-row electric SUV from Toyota, crafted in Kentucky, has sparked interest with a fresh update: it’s purportedly a Toyota Highlander EV. Based on initial reports, the Highlander is set to transition to a fully electric model, making space for the introduction of a Grand Highlander that will continue to offer traditional gasoline options. Additionally, there are rumors suggesting that Toyota might be phasing out its „bZ“ branding.

A recall of Tesla Cybertrucks is underway due to issues with accelerator pedals getting stuck, apparently triggered by a temporary fix used during manufacturing. According to the recall notices, Tesla is pulling back close to 4,000 Cybertrucks. The company has swiftly responded by implementing a redesigned part to address the problem.

2024 Toyota Prius Model

Toyota has issued a recall for the 2023-2025 Prius models due to a problem where electronic rear door latches may become soaked and unexpectedly short-circuit, leading to the doors opening. Until this issue is resolved, Toyota recommends that Prius drivers keep these doors locked when on the road.

The prospect of the initial luxury electric convertible making its way to the U.S. from Italy appears more certain than ever. Unveiled on Monday, the Maserati GranCabrio Folgore is scheduled to hit American shores in the last quarter of the year as a 2025 model and will be priced over $200,000.

2025 Maserati GranCabrio Folgore

The latest model of the 2024 Lucid Air Grand Touring has started to reach its customers, and it continues to lead with an impressive 516-mile range per the EPA, the highest among electric vehicles. Enhanced features including a heat pump, advanced automatic preconditioning, and DC charging speeds improved by up to 30%, are expected to significantly reduce charging times during long journeys.

GMC has announced that the initial price for its premier 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 electric pickup will be slightly below $100,000, and it will offer an EPA-estimated range of 440 miles. This model features four-wheel steering and CrabWalk capabilities. It also includes GM’s SuperCruise technology and supports the same high-power charging speeds as the GMC Hummer EV.

2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the cost and specifications for the 2025 eSprinter electric van series. This includes a more compact 81-kWh battery option and a basic model with a standard roof, starting at $63,545, positioning it as a more affordable choice against its main commercial competitors.

Mercedes has apparently canceled its development of extended-range electric vehicle (EV) powertrains, citing high costs and viewing them as a temporary technological solution. The planned plug-in series hybrids would have featured significantly smaller engines, such as a turbocharged two-cylinder for the EQS, and reduced the size of the EV battery pack by half.

Based on recent analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, China currently produces a sufficient quantity of batteries to meet worldwide electric vehicle (EV) production needs. In 2023, the country’s manufacturing capability was twice as high as the total demand for battery cells for both EVs and energy storage systems. Should companies follow through with their plans, the surplus in battery cell production over the demand from EV manufacturers could increase further.

2024 Nissan Leaf Model

A recent detailed analysis on the long-term costs associated with electric vehicles (EVs) reveals that for the upcoming 2024 models, fifty percent of new EVs will be cheaper to own over a five-year period compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, even considering

Despite a general stagnation or decrease in electricity usage across the United States, areas surrounding electric vehicle (EV) battery factories have seen a rise in demand. This surge is partly due to the proliferation of new EV manufacturing facilities, which might be contributing to increased pollution, a recent study suggests. Policies from the Biden administration have strongly encouraged the expansion of EV and battery production facilities. Many of these plants have been strategically placed in the Southeastern U.S. for workforce-related reasons. This regional boom in industrial activity has prompted power providers to increasingly rely on natural gas, reducing their use of renewable energy sources.

Gravity Electric Vehicle Charging Hub in New York City

Even though there’s been a stabilization in demand and a more modest increase in electric vehicle (EV) sales, the expansion of fast-charging stations in the U.S. has picked up pace lately. In just the first three months of the year, the total count of fast chargers rose by almost 8%, driven by the Biden administration’s NEVI program. There is now approximately one fast charger for every 15 gas stations across the U.S.

Based on recent findings, if electric vehicles (EVs) priced at $50,000 are currently facing a $6,000 loss, one might wonder when they will start turning a profit. The path to profitability may involve several factors, including financial subsidies, improvements in range and efficiency, and primarily, an increase in the scale of production.

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The electric version of the Mercedes G-wagen has been transformed into a die-cast model, emphasizing eco-friendly features. Meanwhile, second-hand electric vehicles are on the market for lower prices compared to the previous year. Additionally, the least expensive Lexus has improved its fuel efficiency. All this and more can be found on Green Car Reports. The 2025 Lexus UX 300h is now exclusively available in hybrid form, with its all-wheel drive variant seeing a significant increase in fuel economy. The UX 300h AWD offers a combined fuel economy of 43 mpg and has a starting price of about $40,000. CarMax’s yearly review reveals that the most sought-after used electric vehicles are now up to $5,000 cheaper than they were last year, including the Tesla Model 3 among others.

While the UX’s design remains largely unchanged from 2024 and earlier years, it is now exclusively available as a hybrid model.

According to the retailer CarMax, the average prices of the most popular used electric vehicle (EV) models are now several thousand dollars lower than they were a year ago.

While the actual G 580 equipped with EQ Technology may not fully meet environmental standards, its miniature Matchbox version is completely made using recycled metal and eco-friendly plastic.

Hyundai goes back on its commitment to build an exclusively electric vehicle (EV) factory. Polestar is experimenting with a new battery type at charging stations. U.S. federal researchers identify methods to enhance the reliability of fast-charging stations. Additionally, an electric vehicle with origins in Saab could potentially be manufactured in Italy. All this and more can be found here at Green Car Reports. Last week, Hyundai confirmed…

Actual implementations of StoreDot’s „silicon dominant“ battery technology in electric vehicles may be some time away, yet the charging speed for a full-sized EV is as advertised.

The Metaplant in Georgia, originally promoted as a facility for manufacturing solely electric vehicles, will now produce vehicles equipped with fuel tanks and exhaust systems.

The company has also revealed designs for different models, such as a sports car named the Rise and a luxury sedan referred to as the Capital ES.

Enhancing the robustness of control systems for public electric vehicle (EV) chargers may improve the overall reliability of charging stations in several typical scenarios.

Which car manufacturer has set the price for its hardware kit that enables its electric vehicles to provide power backup for homes? Which electric vehicle brand boasts the lowest cost of ownership among all car brands? We’re reviewing the major highlights in our Week In Reverse segment at Green Car Reports, covering the events up until April 26, 2024. Focusing on the Tesla Model Y…

Ford’s electric vehicles are currently not profitable, yet the company is optimistic about its upcoming lineup. Mazda has introduced an attractive electric sedan, though it’s only available in China at the moment. Toyota is set to launch another three-row electric SUV manufactured in the U.S. Meanwhile, Honda is developing a new electric vehicle center in Canada. Stay tuned for more updates here at Green Car Reports…

The proposed electric vehicle (EV) center in Ontario is set to enhance Honda’s original EV production facility in Ohio, likely ensuring that most of the brand’s future EVs will be manufactured in America.

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