Future of Mobility: Ram’s Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Truck, BMW’s Mexican EV Battery Plant, and the Rural EV Charging Dilemma

Future of Mobility: Ram’s Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Truck, BMW’s Mexican EV Battery Plant, and the Rural EV Charging Dilemma

Today’s Automotive Updates: Ram is advancing its hydrogen fuel-cell truck, while BMW focuses on EV battery manufacturing in Mexico. Additionally, why are rural administrations less invested in EV charging infrastructure? Get all these stories and more at Green Car Reports.

BMW has initiated construction of a battery facility in Mexico, which will produce higher-capacity cylindrical batteries aimed at enhancing range and speeding up charging for its forthcoming Neue Klasse electric vehicles. Should the regulations under the Inflation Reduction Act persist, these products could potentially be eligible for electric vehicle tax incentives.

Stellantis is set to introduce a hydrogen fuel-cell heavy-duty Ram truck as it expands its commercial vehicle lineup. While specifics are still forthcoming, this move towards fuel-cell technology in medium-duty trucks aligns with a broader industry trend where other car manufacturers are moving away from fuel-cell technology in passenger vehicles.

In a possible reflection of the ongoing disparity between urban and rural areas, a new survey from the University of Michigan indicates that electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are perceived as more necessary in urban settings compared to rural ones. Although there is an increase in interest from local governments compared to a similar survey conducted in 2019, cost remains a significant concern.

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A disparity between urban and rural perspectives? About 30% of municipal leaders in Michigan deem electric vehicle charging infrastructure planning as „highly relevant,“ in contrast to only 10% of township representatives who feel the same.

Stellantis is set to commence production of a hydrogen fuel-cell variant of the Ram 5500 heavy-duty truck in Mexico, targeting consumers in North America.

A 20% increase in cell energy density combined with a 30% improvement in both charging speed and driving range could position these forthcoming budget-friendly BMW electric vehicles as leaders over Tesla.

Electrify America is aggressively expanding its operations. Electric vehicles are increasingly seen as a way to combat poor air quality. Tesla has discontinued the entry-level Model Y, replacing it with a version that boasts a 320-mile range and costs just $2,000 extra. Furthermore, is Tesla’s connector the answer to charging issues? Find out all this and more at Green Car Reports. Tesla has also discontinued its…

A seasoned executive in the charging industry recently emphasized that the primary challenges with CCS fast-charging predominantly stem from interoperability concerns, such as payment across different networks, and these issues won’t be resolved simply by altering the type of plug used.

This past year saw the highest increases in fatal air pollution from transportation ever noted in the 25-year history of the annual report by the American Lung Association.

This week, as Tesla announced reductions in its Supercharger team, Volkswagen’s Electrify America disclosed plans for considerable growth.

Recent iterations of the basic Model Y, constructed and distributed in the past few months, could potentially reach the same 320-mile range, with the capability being software-unlocked for an additional fee of $1,500 to $2,000, subject to „regulatory approvals.“

Which car manufacturer is incorporating hybrid manufacturing at its exclusive electric vehicle facility in the U.S.? Which Lexus model will exclusively feature hybrid options by 2025? We’re recapping the past week at Green Car Reports with our Week In Reverse, covering all the events up until May 3, 2024. We also had a quick test drive of a Lucid Gravity prototype…

A hybrid plug-in version of the Gladiator is set to be added to the Jeep range in the coming year. Cadillac is having second thoughts about its goal to stop selling gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030. Meanwhile, modifications from the Biden administration to a section of the EV tax credit could lead to more electric vehicles qualifying. Stay tuned for more updates here at Green Car Reports. The Biden administration has announced…

Updated guidelines released on Friday by agencies under the Biden administration suggest that a greater number of electric vehicles will be eligible for the maximum $7,500 tax credit in the years 2025 and 2026. However, these changes will not simplify the process for Chinese manufacturers to qualify.

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