Electric Frontiers: Mercedes‘ Electric G-Wagen Excels, EV Tariffs Surge, and BMW and Honda Set Ambitious EV Goals

Electric Frontiers: Mercedes‘ Electric G-Wagen Excels, EV Tariffs Surge, and BMW and Honda Set Ambitious EV Goals

Review of the Electric Mercedes G-Wagon, Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles, EV Goals for BMW and Honda: A Week in Review

Which electric vehicle charging provider is still expected to expand despite the majority of its staff being let go?

What methods are being used to extend the lifespan of electric vehicle tires and incorporate more sustainable materials?

Here’s our recap of the past week’s highlights at Green Car Reports, covering all the major updates until May 17, 2024.

During our initial test of Mercedes‘ electric G-Wagen, it proved to be a superior and more accurate off-roader compared to its gasoline counterpart, excelling past the traditional combustion models with its standout feature, the G-Turn.

2025 Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Volkswagen has announced the standard features and trim options for the 2025 VW ID.Buzz electric vans that will be available in the U.S., although details on pricing and EPA range estimates will likely be released closer to the initial delivery date. The models headed to the U.S. will include the extended three-row ID.Buzz versions, available in various colors and interior finishes.

The 2025 Kia EV6 has been launched internationally, featuring an enhanced battery capacity that could extend its driving range by at least 10% and includes design modifications that align it with the latest features seen in Kia’s new EV9 and the forthcoming EV3 models. Additionally, the 2025 Kia Sorento Hybrid, a three-row SUV, boasts a fuel efficiency of up to 36 mpg and has been updated both externally and internally, all without an increase in price. This refresh also extends to the plug-in hybrid version.

2025 Kia Sorento Plug-In Hybrid Model

California-based electric vehicle startup Aptera will conclude its crowdfunding efforts for its three-wheeled electric vehicle after June, the company revealed on Wednesday evening. Although additional investment is required to begin production of its Launch Edition solar-powered EV, the company aims to commence large-scale market introduction of the vehicle by 2025.

According to recent reports, Subaru plans to reintroduce the Crosstrek Hybrid, which is expected to launch shortly following the debut of the new 2026 Subaru Forester Hybrid. Additionally, it seems that three of the four electric vehicles Subaru revealed last year are set to be joint projects with Toyota.

Honda Unveils New Saloon Concept Model

Honda has announced its ambition to produce two million electric vehicles (EVs) each year by 2030. During a recent presentation focused on its electric vehicle strategies for the latter part of the decade, the company also disclosed its intentions to introduce a new series of all-wheel-drive hybrid models in the near future.

Mitsubishi has outlined a preliminary vision for its U.S. product range starting in 2026, hinting at the introduction of two models that will explore new market territories. The company also mentioned that its future offerings will include electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, and plug-in hybrids. However, there was no new information regarding the anticipated electric pickup truck that Mitsubishi is rumored to be developing in collaboration with Nissan.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept

Sony’s latest in-car entertainment application made its global premiere in the Vinfast VF 8, an electric SUV, as revealed by the Vietnamese car manufacturer on Friday. Initially, Vinfast will provide this feature, named Ridevu, for free, featuring a collection of movies and the capability to stream content to devices used by other passengers. This new interface provides a sneak peek into what Sony has planned for its future Afeela electric vehicle, developed in collaboration with Honda.

The Biden administration has significantly increased the tariff on Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) by fourfold, along with raising tariffs on EV batteries, solar panels, and essential minerals. The scope of these increases also extends to include steel, aluminum, and semiconductors, although it notably does not continue former President Donald Trump’s specific focus on Mexican imports. Interestingly, on the same day these tariff increases were made public, Chinese automaker BYD launched its Shark plug-in hybrid truck in Mexico. Marking the first premiere of a brand-new BYD model outside of China, the Shark is priced under $55,000 and offers 62 miles of electric driving range, making a significant impact, whether intentional or not.

BMW Unveils Vision Neue Klasse X Concept Model

BMW remains committed to its previously stated goal of achieving 50% of its sales from fully electric vehicles by 2030, excluding hybrids and plug-in hybrids. However, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has not specified a final phase-out date for internal combustion engines, noting that the company plans to maintain flexibility potentially through the 2030s and beyond.

Ford is issuing a recall for certain Maverick and Escape hybrid models, along with some Lincoln Corsair plug-in hybrids, due to a problem that may trigger limp mode in these vehicles. The issue will be resolved with a software update, which necessitates a visit to the dealer.

2024 Model of the Ford Maver

Michelin, recognized as a leading tire manufacturer globally, envisions a time when the demand for tire purchases will decrease. This is anticipated due to their groundbreaking developments such as airless tires and tires that can be retreaded to last a million miles, as well as the introduction of durable materials in tires designed for electric vehicles, all of which are expected to extend tire longevity.

In the first quarter, the market share for electric vehicles (EVs) in the U.S. experienced a decline, although sales numbers continued to show a substantial increase compared to the same period last year. According to a report from the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration, the situation is marked by complex factors. There is an oversupply of luxury EVs in a weakening luxury market, a persistent shortage of more affordable EV options, and modest growth in Tesla’s U.S. sales figures.

Tesla Rapid Charging Station

Tesla’s Supercharger network is expected to expand significantly with the addition of thousands of new chargers in 2024, announced CEO Elon Musk. This is set to occur despite recent layoffs that effectively eliminated the division responsible for the acclaimed charging network. Musk revealed in a post on X that the company plans to invest more than $500 million in the Supercharger network this year alone, not including operational expenses.

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A collective agreement specifies the compensation for drivers of 2017-2022 Bolt EV and 2022 Bolt EUV vehicles due to the disruption.

Honda has announced plans to increase its production of all-wheel-drive hybrid vehicles. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi is hinting at upcoming electric vehicles and hybrids for the American market. Additionally, we explore reasons why the need to purchase tires for electric vehicles may decrease in the future. Stay tuned for more updates here at Green Car Reports. Honda aims to manufacture two million electric vehicles each year by…

Upcoming tires designed for hybrid and electric vehicles are expected to deliver enhanced performance and exhibit reduced wear soon, all while utilizing a supply chain free from fossil fuels.

Mitsubishi’s lineup in the United States will feature hybrids, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and fully electric vehicles (EVs), and may also introduce an electric

With this development, Honda is poised to match Toyota, which currently has a range of AWD hybrids available, and will utilize motor technologies that are also used in electric vehicles.

Aptera has concluded its crowdfunding efforts. Ford is issuing a recall for Maverick Hybrid and Escape Hybrid models due to a software problem. Meanwhile, BMW remains committed to its electric vehicle goals, even as other car manufacturers show uncertainty. Stay tuned for more updates here at Green Car Reports. BMW continues to adhere to the EV objectives it set a few years back—aiming for 50% fully…

Throughout its various crowdfunding stages, Aptera has successfully garnered over $100 million in funding from upwards of 17,000 contributors.

The CEO of the automotive company has indicated that there is no fixed timeline for phasing out internal combustion engines, stating that the company will maintain adaptability in its powertrain strategies deep into the 2030s.

The problem involves software for hybrid systems and necessitates a return to the dealership.

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have increased, yet their market share has decreased. The Kia EV6 unveils an updated design and extended driving range. Meanwhile, BYD has introduced a new Shark plug-in hybrid pickup in markets below the U.S. border. For more on these stories, stay tuned to Green Car Reports. On the same day, the Biden administration raised tariffs on Chinese EVs in an attempt to maintain…

Minor increases in Tesla shares failed to compensate for the absence of low-cost electric vehicles or a declining high-end market.

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