Automotive Industry Faces Major Shifts: Biden’s Tariff Hikes, New Hybrid Releases from Kia and Subaru, and More

2025 Kia Sorento Hybrid, Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, Biden’s Increased Tariffs: Today’s Automotive Updates

President Biden’s administration has raised tariffs on a range of products from China, impacting more than just electric vehicles and batteries. Kia updates its three-row hybrid SUV. Meanwhile, Subaru turns to Toyota for additional EV collaborations. Get all the details on these stories and more at Green Car Reports.

During our initial test drive of Mercedes‘ electric G-Wagen, it proved to be a superior and more accurate off-road vehicle compared to its gasoline counterpart, surpassing traditional combustion models with its standout feature known as the G-Turn.

According to recent reports, Subaru plans to reintroduce the Crosstrek Hybrid, expected to launch shortly following the debut of the 2026 Subaru Forester Hybrid. Additionally, it is reported that three of the four electric vehicles Subaru announced last year will be joint projects with Toyota.

The 2025 Kia Sorento Hybrid, a three-row SUV, boasts a fuel efficiency of up to 36 mpg and will feature updated designs both internally and externally, with no increase in price. A comparable refresh is anticipated for the plug-in hybrid model as well.

The Biden administration has significantly increased the tariff on Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) to four times the previous amount, with similar increases applied to EV batteries, solar cells, and essential minerals. The scope of these tariff increases also extends to steel, aluminum, and semiconductors. However, unlike former President Donald Trump, it did not specifically highlight Mexican imports as a problem.

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Significant increases in tariffs are being imposed on Chinese electric vehicles, batteries, steel, and other products, which will alter the entire automotive industry.

Subaru has announced plans to launch four electric vehicles by 2028, with up to three of these potentially being developed in partnership with Toyota or directly sourced from them.

In 2025, the Sorento Hybrid will feature the same updated design that was introduced in the non-hybrid Sorento models in 2024, including a noticeably larger grille.

Equipped with four engines and a 116 kWh battery, the G 580 electric SUV enters the competitive field dominated by Rivian and Hummer.

The expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network is on the horizon, despite the company having laid off many of the employees instrumental in this growth. Vinfast introduces a new entertainment interface from Sony. Meanwhile, Volkswagen provides more details on the distribution of its ID.Buzz vans in the U.S., though complete information remains forthcoming.

Volkswagen disclosed the primary specifications for the 2025 VW ID.Buzz electric van almost a year earlier; they have now detailed the features included. Despite being several months away, there is still no configurator or pricing available.

Vinfast claims to be the global pioneer in integrating the Sony app into the VF 8, marking the company’s initial foray into the U.S. electric vehicle market last year.

Why did Tesla opt to equip the entry-level Model Y with an oversized battery? What causes rural areas to view electric vehicle charging stations as less essential? We’re reflecting on these questions and more in our weekly roundup at Green Car Reports, covering the events up to May 11, 2024. In our continued review, we took another spin in the Hyundai Ioniq 6…

Earlier this month, CEO Elon Musk dismissed almost all members of Tesla’s Supercharger team, despite having previously described the team as crucial to Tesla’s future.

Trump is said to propose eliminating EPA emissions regulations that favor electric vehicles. BP is attempting to salvage isolated Supercharger stations amidst Tesla’s faltering charging strategy. Also, is it logical to use a large battery without a charging port in hydrogen fuel-cell trucks and pickups? Toyota believes it is. More on this…

Toyota proposes that enhancing battery capacity in hydrogen fuel-cell technology could improve the range and payload capabilities, as demonstrated by their updated semi truck.

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